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Road Angel Gem Plus Deluxe


Road Angel Gem Plus Deluxe
The Road Angel Gem Plus is the UK's most advanced speed camera and accident blackspot locator, but never being the sort to rest on their laurels, Road Angel have made the device even better by bundling it with a selection of accessories.

Road Angel Gem Plus


Road Angel Gem Plus
The Road Angel Gem Plus is the next generation in road safety products, using mobile data-transfer technology to keep you constantly updated about speed limits, black-spots, and speed camera locations.


Road Angel Bike Trac
Road Angel Bike Trac helps you to keep track of your motorbike if it is lost or stolen. It also proivdes a journey tracking feature so you can review your rides.

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As our roads become busier, more congested and more regulated, driving skilfully and safely becomes even more challenging. Staying alert to traffic conditions and road hazards throughout your journey is a must. even the most conscientious driver can have a momentary lapse in concentration which could easily lead to an accident, a fine or points.

The Road Angel range has been specifically designed to rapidly provide you with critical information to enhance the safety of your journey. Using the latest Global Positioning Satellite (GPS) technology, the device will know your position and provide you with an audible and visible warning of the approaching danger spots and a speed check.

Personal Protection for you and your passengers from :

Accident blackspots - Repeat fatal accident areas as designated by the Police and Local Authorities. Road Angel is now proven to reduce accidents. Fleet Managers take note.
All fixed speed cameras - Including Gatso, Truvelo and SPECS.
Mobile roadworks cameras - Temporary Gatso and Truvelo.
Your own personal danger areas. - Input with the buttons on the Road Angels.
Your own mobile camera sites - Areas known to be monitored.
Regulated roadworks - Fixed and average speed measurement areas.

The Road Angels now have a safety feature known as Rescue Loc, this means that it can display your GPS position so that you can pass this onto the emergency services if you are stranded somewhere with no landmarks.